Education & Fun

1st Christmas Carol Practice in 2019

It is the best time of year again where we gather around to practice for our Christmas carol performance in December 🙂

Joining us this round in spreading the joy, are Catholic High School Melodious Singers Choir, SEGI youth choir and Yu Hwa Choir.

Look forward to our alliance and making this Christmas a memorable one!

TS Alumni Gathering

It’s inevitable that even the closest of friends will have to part ways one day, and there will always be new blood bringing new and refreshing ideas to our group. However, despite having left the group for work or studies, many alumni still come back to catch up and we truly cherish the friendships that we have built together over the years. They even have fun getting to know the new members and make new friends!

For our 2018 annual dinner, we were glad to have the alumnis and new joiners spend a wonderful night to celebrate our 9 years of establishment. Without the hard work put into The Singaholics by the alumni, we would not have become who we are today.

With a lot of fun games and impromptu performances, everyone had an enjoyable and memorable night! 

2017 TS Retreat

29 & 30 Jun 2017: Puchong Fairytale Homestay.

In preparation for our upcoming competition and as a part of our regular team-building activities, we spent the wonderful weekend under the same roof as a family.

Practising our competition songs, playing team-building and silly games, making home-cooked food,
and sharing lots of funny and embarrassing bedtime stories were just some of the highlights that made this retreat a memorable one.

Big shoutout to the kindergarten that hosted us. Find them on Airbnb here.

2017 Open Day

14 Jan 2017:
The Singaholics organized our very 1st official Open Day to the public, specifically the USJ community, where our weekly practice venue Young Choral Academy usually takes place.

The singers prepared a brief introduction slideshow, performances and games to showcase our passion for choral singing and other hidden talents we had to get to know each other better.

We highly appreciate the singers who came and gave meaning to this event. We look forward to continue this effort at larger scale in the coming years to meet and cultivate more youth singers 🙂

2016 TS Retreat

The Singaholics went on a short getaway on 7 and 8 July 2016 to a homestay located at Broga, Semenyih.

We kickstarted this annual event to strengthen the bonds between the singers as a big family over a camping experience and life discovery.

It was an amazing experience because everyone was really excited to see the sunrise, and we came, we saw and we conquered… the Broga Hill! We even sang a song for the early climbers and recorded a cover with all our morning voices. All the activities we had, the games and the late night karaoke sessions were so much fun. The nights were young, the skies were clear, and there was nothing we couldn’t do!

Workshop with Mr. Mak Chi Hoe

In preparation for our upcoming competition in Bali, the singers had a lively, fullfilling one-day workshop with Mr. Mak at Young Choral Academy, TTDI branch.

Mr. Mak is an award-winning choral conductor and singer. Featured by Top10 Malaysia in their 2014 editorial, he is also a recipient of a Kakiseni BOH Cameronian Arts Award in 2015.

Once again, we would like to thank him for that insightful session! Hope you to make you proud with our achievements soon!

2015 TS Retreat

On 25 to 27 July 2015, singers who took part in the 2015 Bali International Choir Festival were brought to a 3-story bungalow for a closed-door training.

Free from distractions, we practised hard for the competition and took well deserved breaks in between with activities like meal preparation, exercise, karaoke and game sessions.

The retreat has helped pulling us closer together and rediscover our passion and focus for choral singing.

Chinese New Year 团拜

Since most The Singaholics singers are young and hungry for Ang Pows for this new year, we decided to hold a group visit on 2 March 2015.

Hopping across 5 houses in 5 cars on a single day, we loaded ourselves with tiredness but happiness ($$$).

Once again, we would like to thank all parents who hosted us, and allowing our conversation and laughter to fill the house!

Christmas Gathering

Christmas month has always been the busiest season for The Singaholics as the singers are constantly traveling around the city to perform Christmas Carolscelebrating the season of joy.

After our busy days of singing, we had a Christmas gathering on 28 Dec 2014 to fulfill whatever we have missed out during Christmas day; turkey, present-exchange, reunion & chitchatting with friends next to a fireside.

What a way to end the year!